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 Don’t feel like reading? I’ve compiled a bunch of key words and terms below for people who just need definitions or a real quick rundown. 


Herd immunity: A bunch of people getting immune so the people who can’t immunize are safe.

Vaccine: A substance that boosts the creation of antibodies and builds immunity to either one or several diseases. 

Pandemic: A global outbreak of a disease.

T-Lymphocytes: White blood cells that attack infected cells in the body.

B-Lymphocytes: White blood cells that make antibodies that attack the germ remains left over by macrophages.

Macrophages: White blood cells that digest germs and dying cells to produce antigens (traces of the germ that the body can identify and analyze as dangerous.)

Viral vector: Modified versions of a virus that help our cells understand the virus.

mRNA: A single strand of RNA that goes to the cytoplasm with instructions on how to make proteins.

Protein subunit vaccine: Injects a harmless version of the virus (specifically the virus’s proteins) that your body learns how to fight.

Quarantine: Isolating a person, animal, or object to stop the spread of a disease. 

Cloth mask: Masks that can catch droplets you cough or sneeze 

N95 mask: More respirator than masks. Is built to filter large and small particles

Medical mask: Filters small particles you might inhale, and filters and prevents any droplets or particles you let out from reaching others as well.

Abstract (specifically the section of writing in science papers): an overview of the study done.  

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