What do we learn from Pandemics?

Past Epidemics/ Pandemics, what we learn from them

Our recent pandemic hasn’t been the only pandemic our world  has been through. By looking at past diseases we can learn a lot. Take the SARs outbreak of 2003, by looking at the timeline we can learn from past mistakes. As outlined in ten years after SARs, doctors and researcher comment on not only how communication and disease control has improved, but how challenging initial research of the disease was in the first place. Because of this, governments had to communicate and widely release more information, causing a larger amount of cooperation between nations. It was a shockwave that caused a new normal for everyone to adjust to, something we can all identify with right now. There’s also a quote I found during my research I like by Colorado University History Professor Elizabeth Fenn “Epidemics highlight the fault lines in our society.” History supports this, the SARS outbreak required a higher level of communication, and we can see in our pandemic the inherent faults of a discombobulated government. Pandemics let us know what we need to adjust and fix in our world. 

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